A Guide to Knives Manufacturers

February 24, 2022 , Quality knives

When it comes to knives, the Italian Renaissance has shaped the manufacturing industry. The company LionSteel Knives has been making knives since 1898, and has since collaborated with companies like CRKT, Pohl Force, and BlackWater. Their most popular line of folding knives is the SOLID(r) series, which features a 4-axis machined handle and is used in kitchenware and hunting applications.

Other notable names in the knives business include Leatherman, which was founded by Tim Leatherman in 1980. The company has a variety of products, including multi-tools and folding knives. Schrade Cutlery is manufactured by Taylor Brands, which is based in Kingsport, Tennessee. SOG Knives, located in Lynnwood, Washington, is another example of a knifemaker. These manufacturers are known for their innovative designs and are considered some of the best in the business.

There are many companies that manufacture knives. For example, KAI kitchen knives have a beautiful pattern engraved on the blade. This pattern is reminiscent of Japanese swords, and the knives are often called Damascus steel. This type of steel is made with alternating layers of hard and soft steel. The process of embossing the pattern is similar to engraving, but instead of applying pressure, the knifemaker scrapes the material until the design emerges.

Some of the best-known knife manufacturers are Schrade Knives, which was purchased by Taylor Brands in the early 2000s. While the company used to be based in the USA, today the company produces their knives in China. Shirogorov Knives, a Russian company founded by brothers Igor and Sergei Shirogorov, has been making knives for over 100 years. Its sleek designs and Multi-Row Bearing System have made it one of the best-selling models.

W2: W2 is a tool steel with a carbon content of 1.5. The most widely available W2 has a carbon content of 1.1 to 1.2%. It can be left at a high hardness level and has a quenched hardness of 67 Rc. Although W2 does not reach full hardness, the thick section of the blade does. Besides these, there are numerous manufacturers of knives, with some more than others.

Mcusta Knives, based in Seki City, Japan, is a well-known manufacturer of knives. It is a small company with high quality standards. Its products are made of damascus, titanium, and exotic hardwoods. Among the larger knife manufacturers, Microtech is a medium-sized firm located in Bradford, PA. It was initially founded in Vero Beach, FL, but relocated to Pennsylvania a decade ago.

Victorinox, based in Golden, Colorado, was the first to create the original Swiss Army Knife. They are now a global brand and make everything from knives to watches to travel gear. They employ over 950 people and have a reputation for high-quality cutlery. Several smaller companies are also known for making specialty knives and sharpeners. A few of them may be less well-known, but their knives are the most popular.