A Brief Study of Knives Manufacturers

October 26, 2021 , Quality knives


Knives Manufacturers produce a wide variety of popular brands. Some very famous knife makers include Remington, Schrade, W.R. Case, W.T.C, Mooremaker, Sickle, Besco, and of course Kershaw. Most major cities have a W.T.C or Mooremaker outlet that carries a large selection of kitchen knives, as do small shops in most major cities. The largest manufacturer of kitchen knives in the world is Spy, but you’ll also find producers such as Schrade and Kershaw.

Amongst the widest known manufacturers of knives in the world, China seems to be the largest producer of durable and well built knives. Recently, some very good knife making companies in China have come up, including W.T.C, who make some really nice knives. Recently, Chinese knife makers have begun producing ceramic knives. Ceramic knives are made from a combination of natural materials and metal alloys in an attempt to imitate the blades of karate, making them strong and durable. It is not exactly a samurai sword, but it does look quite close.

A big advantage that Chinese knife makers have over many western knife manufacturers, is that they can produce large quantities very economically. As a result, many Chinese knife makers can build up large factory production lines, almost like a assembly line. This allows them to provide consistent high quality knives to the customers that buy from their factories, even when demand for their knives is higher than their capacity to produce. Now then, one could say that a company that makes swords is also a manufacturer of knives, but let’s differentiate between the two, shall we?